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How to start your submission?

  • For presentation at the conference, you must submit an abstract for approval.
  • The abstract should be a summary of a research and is expected to meet the academic standards.
  • The articulations of the abstract must contain English only.
  • The submission should be parallel on any of the areas listed in this website as sessions/topics.
  • Avoid complex mathematical formulas, footnotes, endnotes, references etc. in your abstract.
  • Do not include tables, charts or other graphics in your abstract.
  • Send your biography (no more than 50 words) with your abstract

After your submission?

  • Your abstract will be reviewed by the conference committee
  • The conference committee reserves the right to decide on the acceptance/rejection of the abstract and the method of presentation.
  • Notification of acceptance/rejection of the abstracts will be sent to you via e-mail
  • By submitting an abstract, you grant permission to the organizers to publish the abstract in print or in electronic formats.
  • Payment of registration fees is necessary to participate or to present at the Conference or to publish your abstract in the conference proceeding book.


  • Title of paper – bold
  • Names of presenting author(s): Presenting author name* 1, First author name 1; Second author’s name 2, and so on….
  • Name of the university or place of work:
    • example :
    • 1Department, organization, country
    • 2Department, organization, country
  • Contact details of the author(s): email addresses ( ex: john@gmail.com) and phone number (+1-666-666-6666).
  • Theme/session: your presentation preferences (name of the interested session from the listed sessions)
  • Presentation preference: oral / poster
  • Text: font & size: times new roman font, size 11, single paragraph
  • Line space: single space
  • Word count: 150-200 words excluding title, names, and keywords